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Press releases
  • M. Jokela, M. Kutila
    "Monitoring driver's visual and mental workload"
    Machine Vision News. Vol. 12, pp. 6. Published by the Finnish Society of Automation. May 2007

  • H. Moberger, J. Engström, J. Arfwidsson
    "AIDE - a major EU project led by VTEC"
    Article published on the Volvo external R&D web site

  • "IST: driving road transport research"
    Article on AIDE at the IST web site

  • M. Kutila
    "Driver Monitoring in Future Vehicles"
    published at Machine Vision News 2005, Spring 2005 No 9, Editor Finnish Society of Automation

  • P. Kompfner
    "Nomad Systems: freedom or threat?"
    ITS Europe, 22 June 2004

Demonstrations and Exhibitions
  • AIDE city car exhibition and AIDE project presentation ,
    by SEAT on February 2007 to the Spanish Government and Spanish Traffic Authorities.

  • Truck virtual prototype exhibition
    by VTEC in the Transport Research Arena Europe 2006 Conference "Cleaner safer and smarter road transport for Europe", organised in Gothenburg, Sweden, 12 - 15 June 2006

  • AIDE demonstrator vehicles

    Croma      Volvo FH12      Seat Leon
    Three demonstrator vehicles have been chosen as platform for the AIDE functionalities:
    • a Fiat Chroma as a luxury car,
    • a Volvo FH12 as truck demonstrator and
    • a Seat Leon as a city car demonstrator.
    All vehicles will be able to show integrated and adaptive HMIs based on different ADAS and IVIS systems. During the final phase of the project these demonstrators will be used to generally evaluate the AIDE concept.

  • Virtual prototype of instrument cluster (SEAT, March 2006)

  • Virtual prototype of touch screen menu system (SEAT, March 2006)

  • VDM Tool (demo by P. Kronberg) exhibition
    by VTEC in the Ministerial Conference "Towards a knowledge Society - the Nordic Experience", organised by the European Commission and its Swedish partners in Gothenburg, Sweden, 14 - 15 November 2005

  • Poster exhibition and demonstration of SP2 evaluation tools to EC stand
    ITS World Conference, Hannover 1 - 3 June 2005

Results of AIDE-SPs

Sub-Project 1 (SP1):
Behavioural Effects and Driver-Vehicle-Environment Modelling

Sub-Project 2 (SP2):
Evaluation and Assessment Methodology

Sub-Project 3 (SP3):
Design and Development of and Adaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle Interface

Sub-Project 4 (SP4):
Horizontal Activities



Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)