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Consortium profile

The AIDE Consortium, which consists of 28 partners, encompasses all relevant key players, namely automotive suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and relevant Research and Governmental bodies, thus covering, in good balance, all required expertise.

Furthermore, the Consortium is a truly multidisciplinary one, encompassing engineers, industrial HMI designers, ergonomists, human factors people, cognitive engineers and psychologists, legislation bodies and authorities representatives, covering all related scientific areas.

Moreover, most of the stakeholders involved in the automotive industry sector are represented within the AIDE consortium.
The ERTICO partnership, which includes key members of European ITS industry and national governments, is actively supporting AIDE and will disseminate its results being a member of AIDE Consortium.

The majority of the vehicle manufacturers in the AIDE consortium are involved in the EUCAR SGI (Systems Group Interaction) group, which focuses on coordinating the EUCAR research and development activities in the HMI area.

The partners can be divided in 6 main Groups:The Core Group is generally responsible for the IP and manages administrative and quality issues as well as ressources for the project.

Participants are:
  • Key industrial stakeholders like VTEC, CRF, BMW, PSA, BOSCH, and
  • AIDE sub-project leaders JRC, TNO and ICCS

Nomadic Devices Forum

April 15 - 16, 2008, Gothenburg, Sweden
Please download the program here!
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Results of AIDE-SPs

Sub-Project 1 (SP1):
Behavioural Effects and Driver-Vehicle-Environment Modelling

Sub-Project 2 (SP2):
Evaluation and Assessment Methodology

Sub-Project 3 (SP3):
Design and Development of and Adaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle Interface

Sub-Project 4 (SP4):
Horizontal Activities



Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)