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Nomadic DevicesThe use of "Nomadic Devices" or portable devices within the vehicle by a driver for support, assistance, communication or entertainment, is increasingly common. As in-car use of Bluetooth mobile phones, handheld computers, portable navigators and personal music players grows rapidly, there are concerns that this could not lead to driver distraction and increased safety risk. There is also a lack of standards for device "docking" in the vehicle, and for safe installation and use.

To address these challenges a Nomadic Devices Forum is being established that brings together representatives of all the key stakeholders involved. The Nomadic Devices Forum is an AIDE IP initiative, co-organized by AIDE and ERTICO.

Within AIDE IP are explored a number of issues related to Nomadic Devices use by drivers. Between them the most important identified are:
  • Safety
  • Integration (concept of a possible gateway)
  • Requirements both from OEMs but also from devices manufacturers
To address these issues, in addition to the work undertaken within the framework of AIDE the AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum has organised working groups. The working groups that are presently constituted are illustrated below:

Working Group A: Smart Device-Car Gateway:
  • compile and agree scenarios and use cases for nomadic device-vehicle cooperation (installation, interaction, integration)
  • identify functional and system requirements
  • define system architecture for a nomadic device-vehicle solution
  • outline specifications for a "smart" vehicle-device gateway (including intermediate gateway for information management), including physical, data, functional and application interfaces
Working Group B: Nomadic Device Safety and HMI:
  • for nomadic devices/applications in use, make expert assessment of likely risks related to driver use and device installation
  • agree principles and propose harmonised guidance for safe use and installation of nomadic devices
  • make recommendations for action by all responsible organisations to implement guidelines.
Working Group C: Commercial issues for vehicle-device integration:
  • Car industry view of ND issues
  • Positive business case options
  • Pre-conditions for cross-sector collaboration
  • Obstacles to a standardised gateway
  • Possible steps forward
These working groups meet regularly; approximately every six months. In addition the groups work off line using web tools and other means of communication. Within AIDE every year a report (deliverable) is prepared describing the activities of the AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum.
Additional Working Groups may be set up with the approval of the Organising Committee to address other issues as needed.

Nomadic Devices Forum

More info on the AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum together with a registration form can be found at www.aide-eu.org/phpBB2/

Results of AIDE-SPs

Sub-Project 1 (SP1):
Behavioural Effects and Driver-Vehicle-Environment Modelling

Sub-Project 2 (SP2):
Evaluation and Assessment Methodology

Sub-Project 3 (SP3):
Design and Development of and Adaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle Interface

Sub-Project 4 (SP4):
Horizontal Activities



Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the Nomadic Devices Forum is to constitute a cross-sector working group to deal with all aspects of safe, effective and user-friendly nomadic device integration and use in the vehicle.

The aims of the Forum are as follows:
  • act as European consensus platform to reach cross-sector agreement on issues relating to nomadic device safety, technical harmonisation, in-vehicle integration and deployment
  • define the principles for managing nomadic device-vehicle information exchange via a "Smart Vehicle-Device Interface"
  • address key issues for nomadic devices, including specifications for in-vehicle docking/integration and installation, standardisation of interfaces and guidelines for nomadic device HMI and safety
  • identify requirements for new work items in the appropriate standardisation bodies
  • act as a bridge between the eSafety research projects on nomadic device issues and also between Europe and the rest of the world
  • provide advice to the EC and support AIDE and other projects' work on nomadic devices issues

The Forum welcomes representatives of stakeholders concerned with nomadic device use in vehicles, such as:
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Portable navigation system manufacturer
  • Pocket PC/PDA manufacturers
  • Application developers
  • Navigation map suppliers
  • Mobile telecom operators
  • Service providers
  • Government authorities
  • European Commission
  • Driver safety & HMI experts
  • Research organisations & academic bodies
Membership is open to any organization with a serious interest in nomadic devices and their use in vehicles. For login details please get in touch with one of the contact persons mentioned below.

The Forum is organized jointly by the AIDE Integrated Project and ERTICO.

The work of the Forum is managed by ERTICO in cooperation with the AIDE project SP3 and operated by an Organising Committee comprising the following persons:
  • Wolfgang Reinhardt, ACEA (Forum Chair, Vehicle manufacturers´ association)
  • Angelos Amditis, ICCS (Forum Vice Chair, AIDE SP3 Leader)
  • Paul Kompfner, ERTICO (Forum Manager, Responsible from AIDE)
  • Daniel Augello, RENAULT (eSafety Forum, HMI Working Group, AIDE Partner)
  • Johan Engström, VTEC (AIDE Project Coordinator)
  • Mike Gardner, MOTOROLA (Mobile device manufacturer, AIDE partner)
  • Friedemann Kuhn, DC (Vehicle manufacturer, AIDE partner)
  • Harald Berninger, OPEL (Vehicle manufacturer, AIDE partner)
  • Luisa Andreone, CRF (AIDE SP3 Vice Leader, Vehicle manufacturer)
  • Philipp Hess, Navigon (Navigation device manufacturer)
  • Michel Fond, Orange (Mobile network operator)
  • Chris Patten, SRA (Public authority)
  • Peter Van der Perre, ERTICO (GST Project Coordinator)
  • Klaus Bengler, BMW (AIDE partner)
The activities of the Forum will be prepared by the Organising Committee in agreement with AIDE IP and comprise plenary meetings (2-3 per year) and more frequent working sessions of the Working Groups. In between the groups will use web tools and other means of collaboration.

Contact persons are:
  • Paul Kompfner (Nomadic Devices Forum Manager)
          Tel: +32 24 00 07 32
          E-mail: p.kompfner@mail.ertico.com

  • Angelos Amditis (AIDE Sub-project 3 Leader)
          Tel: +32 30 21 07 72 23 98
          E-mail: a.amditis@iccs.gr

AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum workshops

AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Plenary meeting (10 April 2008, Brussels, Belgium)
AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Plenary meeting (24 October 2007, Brussels, Belgium)
AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Working group C Workshop (27 November 2006, Brussels, Belgium)
AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Working group A Workshop (25, 26 October 2006, Brussels, Belgium)
AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Plenary & Round Table Meeting (16 May 2006, Brussels, Belgium)
AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Working groups A & C Workshop (15 May 2006, Brussels, Belgium)
AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Working groups Workshop (25 November 2005, Brussels, Belgium)

AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Working groups Workshop (5 October 2005, Brussels, Belgium)

AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum (23 June 2005, Brussels, Belgium)
AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum Session at the AIDE User Forum Workshop that was held at BAST premises on 15-16 of March 2005 (16 March 2005, Cologne, Germany):
AIDE Nomadic Devices Forum (Brussels, 20 January 2005)
More information and documents are available for forum members at www.aide-eu.org/phpBB2